In and around this historic city’s brightly colored cobble stone streets are what may be some of the best reasons to take your family to San Miguel de Allende this year.  Known world-wide for its significant history, arts, culture, and delicious feasts throughout the seasons, there are just as many educational things to do and see with your children of all ages.

Here at our own vacation rental in San Miguel, there are plenty of reasons to stay on-site.  From the infinity pool that is wrapped with endless Mexican sunshine and far-reaching vistas, to a walk in the vineyard or through our English Gardens, children of all ages are welcome to stay and play in our own back yard.

And just a short scenic drive from our villa in San Miguel is a city that overflows with a culture that loves children … and welcomes their ‘sounds of life’ in and around its warm and welcoming community.

We found this list on line that was created by Ed Clancy, US Consul in San Miguel and proud father of two boys.   Once you review these options, you can always contact our friendly staff at Casa Magdalena.

  • Swim in the La Gruta hot springs nearby
  • Trail rides + overnight camping (Coyote Canyon Adventures)
  • El Tianguis Tuesday Market (Blvd. de la Conspiracion, 2/10th of a mile east of the Allende Glorieta)
  • Bike riding in the country with Beto
  • Check out Casa de la Cultura on weekends (Bajada del Chorro #4, 415 154-5670)
  • Look into things at the Biblioteca (Insurgentes/Loreto, 415 152-0293))
  • Saturday art classes at the Biblioteca
  • Volunteer at SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals, 415 152-6124)
  • Speak English in the afternoons with Mexican kids studying English
  • Drink cappuccino and talk about life, art, philosophy at Cafe Buenos Dias
  • Ask Esperanza for cappuccino lessons at Billy’s
  • Volunteer as a ticket taker or usher for the Baroque Concert Series
  • Hang out at Parque Juarez
  • Eat exotic ice creams in Dolores Hidalgo
  • Host Viernes de Dolores night (Friday preceding Holy Week)
  • Help Centro Bilingue with Viernes de Dolores altar and presentation
  • Dye sawdust for the presentations by the 7 churches
  • Videotape street musicians in San Miguel
  • Eat tortas at Tortitlan (Ancha San Antonio 43, 152-8931)
  • Eat burritacos on Mesones
  • Eat enchiladas at night on Murillo
  • Arcade at La Luciernaga (La Luciernaga, “the firefly”, shopping mall, arts, culture; Librramento/Salida a Queretaro)
  • Watch hang gliders at El Salto
  • Enroll in  a week of guitar classes
  • Take regional Mexican dance classes at Casa de la Cultura
  • Check into photography classes
  • Tin nicho class
  • Learn how to make Globos de Cantoya from the old guy on Chorro
  • Hang out with Hermes at Charco (El Charco de Ingenio: nature walks, botanical gargens and much more…)
  • Volunteer at El Charco