As if Mexico didn’t have enough culture and charm to draw visitors to its country year-round, it’s also well known for a vast variety of educational schools for adults who want to do more than just ‘vacation’.   Be it artistry, language or cuisine, the options are many and their testimonials are top-notch.

Here in the heart of San Miguel we are proud to be the home of some of the finest cultural institutions in Mexico.

Many of our guests at our vacation home in San Miguel have provided us with their personal insight about their experiences – all of which have led to some delicious meals that they have personally prepared for our staff who usually do the cooking at our villa in the hills of San Miguel.

Depending on your interests,  you can study with the chefs who solely focus on the traditional cuisine of Mexico or insist that you walk the streets of San Miguel and browse the markets in search of the freshest produce, the ripest fruits, the good cheese and spices and the moles, and take them together back in the classroom to create your own  Mexican feast.

To help you get started on your new hobby, we’ve selected a few of our favorites to share with you now:

Spanish Cooking Schools in San Miguel de Allende

 Traditional Mexican Cooking

Drawing on several generations of excellent family cooks, María Ricaud emphasizes the cuisines of Oaxaca and Michoacán in her classes.

Patsy’s Place

Patsy Dubois, who is a popular caterer in San Miguel as well as a fine cooking teacher, has a hacienda-style kitchen in the country where she gives a 4-hour introductory class in the basics of Mexican cooking—chiles, nopales and guacamole, among other dishes

Sazon Cooking School

As this school is owned and operated by Orient Express Hotels, it sees its share of some of the finest chefs who often share their own secrets that are just part of this prestigious international hotel franchise.