Last month we chatted about the variety of nightlife that one can enjoy when they either live in San Miguel or come for a memorable vacation.  In doing so, we found a great website entitled “Best Places in the World to Retire.”  And within that site, we landed on a great batch of testimonials (mostly from locals) about all the great things one can do after sunset.  The list was so grand, we’ve decided to add more ideas to our blog for you to review and enjoy.

Kat Ballou

I’m an early riser, so I don’t burn much oil at night. But San Miguel is no “sleepy” little town. It is just as lively and vibrant as most cities in Mexico.

Hank’s New Orleans Cafe & Oyster Bar is a popular hotspot for the local gringos. Its owner, Hank, is a gringo who ran restaurants in the USA before moving here. Friday nights are “dos por uno” (translated into “two for one); Happy Hour drinks and is packed with our local expats.

Personally, I enjoy sitting at one of the outdoor sidewalk tables at Centro Bar located in the Jardin. It’s great for people watching.  Musicians and Mariachi bands are all over the square. For 300 pesos (less than $20), the Mariachis will perform a number of Spanish classics for you table-side. 300 pesos for Mariachis might seem like a lot, but there are about eight members in the group, and that gets you about 20 minutes of songs. So for a little over 20 bucks, it seems fair enough.

There is also an upstairs patio bar in one corner of the Jardin called “Cielo”. From there, you can look down on all the happenings of the square without being in the middle of it. It is also the perfect spot to watch and photograph amazing sunsets.

Suzie Osman

Here in San Miguel de Allende, we basically only go out for lunch.  The average lunch for the two of us is around 500 pesos (US $25), which would be for a nice meal, for example, shrimp wrapped in bacon stuffed with cheese, some side dishes, and a glass of wine. At the café, here in Los Labradores (a planned community about 15 minutes from San Miguel de Allende) it costs 300 pesos (US $15) for the two of us, even with wine. I’ve tried some of the other restaurants around San Miguel de Allende, and I find that the costs are about the same.

We haven’t been to any of the really upscale restaurants in San Miguel de Allende yet. We usually meet friends in town and have main course, drinks, and dessert- this is our big meal of the day because we usually have light dinner.

Judy Newell – Perfect Journeys

The cost for restaurants in San Miguel de Allende depends on the type of restaurant you visit. We have some very high-end restaurants here now where you can pay US $70 for two people for lunch or $150 for two people for dinner. Of course, these prices would include a bottle of Chilean or Argentinean wine.

As an alternative, you can go to one of our favorite restaurants, a little gyro place, my husband Jim and I enjoy going to that serves meat cooked on a big skewer like they do in Greece.  When we go there, they serve us on a wooden board about the size of a laptop computer with sliced meat, sautéed onions and peppers and you get big stacks of tortillas and different salsas, all for about $2 or $3 a person for lunch or dinner; whenever you go, it’s the same price. And you have enough food that you can take home for the next day also.

If you want some more advice from our staff at our vacation rental in San Miguel, we welcome every opportunity to assist you in every way.  Feel free to contact us at any time.