Springtime is One of the Best Times to Head to San Miguel



With winter in full swing, it’s time to think about a great escape to sunnier settings.  As residents who have seen the seasons come and go, we admit that springtime is one of the best times, to head to our vacation villa for some downtime in San Miguel.

The weather is delightful.  The setting unmatched. And it is the weather that makes the latter a scene to be seen.

We’ve listed a few of our favorite sites below.  When you’re ready see them yourself, we would love to provide a special tour from our estate that is available for you to rent in San Miguel de Allende.

The Jacarada

It’s the time of year when Mother Nature comes into full bloom and shares some of the most implausible colors one could ever imagine all in one place.  Although every season has its own iconic charm, it must be the blooming Jacaranda trees in the spring that truly sets this season apart.

Towering on all sides with its spectacular hues of purple, the Jacaranda might remind you of the brilliance of Cherry Trees when they are in full bloom.  No matter where you go in San Miguel in the spring, the Jacaranda will wrap your days with their own magnificent beauty.

El Jardin

Right in the heart of our centuries-old town is El Jardín.  Once noted in Chron.com “At times meditative, it’s often charged with children’s laughter, the chatter of old men, a throaty guitar or piercing trumpet in a mariachi band and, throughout the day, the comforting bells of Parroquia de San Miguel, the soft-pink-and-orange confection of a cathedral on the garden’s south side.”

And further described: “El Jardín offers an engaging snapshot of this well-preserved National Monument 6,400 feet above sea level in central Mexico: its warm and gracious people, 16th- and 17th-century architecture, narrow cobblestone streets flanked by high adobe walls pierced with magnificent doorways, art and crafts, sun-baked colors and near-perfect weather.

El Charco del Ingenio

Another must-not-miss is the botanical paradise of El Charco del Ingenio which is a short drive from town.  It is in and around this preserve where you will see and learn about its vast botanical collection of cacti and other rare Mexican plants; some of which are in danger of extinction.


The preserve is well staffed with very educated volunteers who are available for guided tours on selected days of the week.  Be it on your own, or with a guide, you can stroll for hours along the well-marked paths that will take you scenic lookouts, bird sanctuaries, vestiges from the past and an interactive children’s garden.