Shop Til You Drop In San Miguel


With the holiday season around the corner, we’re finding a great interest from visitors around the world to come south to San Miguel to get their holiday shopping underway.

And that makes great sense.

Known throughout the world as a mecca of arts and culture, the historic town of San Miguel de Allende overflows with an abundant selection of shops and galleries that offer local arts and crafts as well as great gift ideas from communities near and far.

Picture if you will … hand-blown glass, stained glass pottery, hand-honed furniture, papier mache, oil and watercolor paintings, hand-crafted tapestries and much more.

At Casa Magdalena, we love to share our local insight and this fall is no exception.  Just click here if you can come stay with us soon at our vacation rental in San Miguel or make plans to come see us when you get the itch to shop ‘til you drop!

Upon arrival, as you wander the streets of San Miguel, you may not be able to resist entering the quirky or elegant shops and boutiques that you’ll inevitably pass. Zocalo, La Calaca and Tesoros are boutiques that specialize in Mexican folk art, but you will come across many others as well. Even if you weren’t planning on buying anything, you may find you need an extra suitcase to carry all your purchases home.

You’ll find the best deals at San Miguel de Allende’s handicrafts market. Located near the Mercado Ignacio Ramirez, along Andador Lucas Balderas between Calle Colegio and Calle Loreto, this market takes up three city blocks and is full of stalls selling regional products. Don’t be shy to bargain, it’s part of the fun!