Senior Tsunami Heads to San Miguel

In a time where the baby boomer market is entering the height of the retirement age, the idea of ‘where to retire’ is often a hot topic of what the world is now calling the “Senior Tsunami”.

Here in San Miguel, we concur that retirement from your work, need (and arguably should) not automatically translate to a retirement from your life! Retirees in San Miguel de Allende are far from “out to pasture” and, in fact, many people who retire in Mexico comment on how they enjoy and savor their active and enjoyable lifestyle and activities as retirees in Mexico.

If your life is leading in this direction, take a look at some of these key considerations that you will want to review while you plan a possible retirement to San Miguel:

Stress-less Sunshine:  San Miguel offers a mild climate year-round that welcomes a pace of life that is ideal for retirement—you can relax, and still lead an active retirement.  In fact, within all the years that we have enjoyed our home at Casa Magdalena, we can document that stress levels are flat-out insignificant.

Safe and sound:  The infrastructure is good in developed areas, and the areas you are likely to choose from with-in or outside of the City are as safe as any modern town or city in your home country.  The tourists that visit our home find our gated security system a benefit to all of the comforts that we have added to our estate on their behalf.

Healthcare is a priority:  Good healthcare is widely available with excellent doctors, dentists, hospitals and other medical specialists available throughout the city. There are a range of insurance services available for you to buy to safeguard you and your dependants from the cost of private medical bills.

The costs are comfortable:  Be it within your utility bill, at the grocery story, at a concert or enjoying your home sweet home, expensive are considerably less in Mexico than they are in Europe and most places in the USA and Canada.

Want more insight?  We love our home away from home and would welcome the opportunity to share our personal insight with you.  Just send us a note and we’ll be back in touch!