Food and Fabulous Views Part of the Menu in San Miguel

Indoors or out, San Miguel de Allende is home to some of the finest dining south of the US Border – all wrapped within one of the world’s most decorated cities.

Outdoors, the street food may be the most delicious, authentic cuisine you’ll find in Mexico. There are stands that specialize in morning tacos with fillings of eggs and beans, stewed chicken and onion, or pulled pork, always served with fresh cilantro, onion and salsa. Others open only at night and offer grilled meats.

For a more upscale experience indoors (or out), try one of these spots that that cater to an international palate:

La Parada  Housed in an exquisite garden and interior dining room with wood-burning fireplace, the beautifully styled setting only matches the creative cuisine coming from the Peruvian kitchen. Don’t miss the appetizer of mashed potatoes, octopus and black olive, or white fish ceviche with grilled mango and coconut.

Bhaji   Ever since this tiny, well-designed nook opened in the center of town, it’s been filled with loyal customers who crave its authentic curries, naan and mulligatawny soup. It only seats 14 at a time, so make a reservation.

Cafe Firenze  The location is as delicious as its endless selection of fine Italian cuisine.  It’s located in a quiet corner of Col San Antonio and looks out on San Antonio Church and the treed Plaza with a stunning view of the landmark Parroquia rising above el Centro.