Dia de los Locos (Day of the Crazies) A Must Not Miss!

There’s no question our blog has offered our visitors endless reasons to spend some time in our sunny vacation home in San Miguel … and Dia de los Locos is another one! Make plans today to head south and join our community in their annual celebration June 14 – 20!

San Miguel is has more fiestas and parades than anywhere else in Mexico. When there is a period on the calendar with no celebrations, we honestly believe they make one ! So it is with El Dia de los Locos, Day of the Crazies, held each year in mid-June.

As the story goes … “back in the 17th and 18th centuries, Catholic priests introduced San Pascual Bailon as the patron saint of field workers and kitchen workers. The newly converted Mexicans celebrated his “day” on May 17 by decorating themselves with tools and other symbols of their labor and dancing to the sounds of pagan flutes and drums.”

To keep the paraders and observers separated, some paraders were dressed as scarecrows and their characteristic movements were described as “loco,” i.e., crazy. Somewhere along the way, paraders dressed as clowns replaced the field and kitchen workers, though the music and the dances stayed the same.

Nowadays, neighborhood groups or groups of workers join together to make elaborate special costumes. Almost all have bands or recorded music which competes in a glorious cacophony that is so characteristic of Mexico.

Day of the Crazies is Mexico at its best – happy families making noise in a blend of religious and pagan celebrations. Just one of the reasons San Miguel is now in the top ten of tourist destinations worldwide!