San Miguel de Allende

Behind the walls of San Miguel De Allende structures, colorfully tiled courtyards, and incomparable Colonial charm, this historic town remains a relatively untouched antique city of the old world. Walled facades remain unchanged while traditions and traveler’s temptations draw visitors from all over the world. Here in this beautiful small home town, locals are accustomed to tourists and offer a very diverse city for young and old alike.

There’s something about San Miguel De Allende that truly has to be experienced in full to understand its charismatic attraction, year-round. Maybe it’s the locals’ all-embracing welcome to all walks of life, or what those walks of life bring to the vivid and ever-so-celebrated festivities. No matter what the explanation, we really haven’t been able to nail down what makes this place so magnetic to all of the senses.

It’s such a draw that some of the finest educational establishments in the world call it home; the Instituto Allende first lured American’s here in the 1940’s and still thrives today as one of the country’s finest art and language institutions. And for over 30 years, the region has welcomed the famed annual Chamber Music Festival – Festival de Musica de Camera de San Miguel de Allende.

Today, there’s a modern side as well with a brand new shopping mall, golf courses, yoga studios, ethnic dance instruction, guided horseback and bicycle rides, and endless activities and amenities to help you feel comfortable in your new vacation home away from home.